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Environmentally Responsible

Snaidero Kitchens + Design


As the exclusive importer and distributor of Snaidero cabinetry, Snaidero USA brings the North American consumers luxury modern kitchens designed by the top names in international industrial design and built to last according to the finest tradition of Italian craftsmanship. More importantly, they are also kitchens manufactured through processes that are respectful toward the environment.

Snaidero has always been committed to adapting its production activities to the current environmental legislation by developing and managing a program that can gradually reduce the environmental impact generated by its production sites.  In 2003, the Italian production plant in Majano became one of the first companies in its sector to obtain the ISO 14001. Such certification doesn’t just ratify the compliance of Snaidero’s organizational and production systems with the strict provisions issued by ISO (International Standardization Organization), but also determines the company’s ability to deal with exceptional events and emergencies that may cause harmful consequences for the environment.

Since 1996, Snaidero has been using a recyclable-waste collection system, which has enabled a 90% reduction in the quantity of waste produced.  At the same time, the company has been recycling a range of materials such as iron, steel, aluminium-copper, polyethylene, polystyrene, paper, cardboard and wood. Water consumption for production purposes has dropped by more than 50% from 1999 to the present day. The liquid waste has not only been considerably reduced, but also improved in quality. Finally, the company’s fuel consumption decreased from 751,264 kg/year in 1999 to 94,300 in 2006, a reduction of more than 80%. Special attention is given to waste materials generated through processing, which are collected and sent for recycling, whenever possible. As a result, significant goals have been achieved in this area as well: Snaidero’s production of non-recyclable solid waste has dropped from 1,317,930 kg/year in 1995 to 149,400 in 2006.

In addition, over the last few years Snaidero has been focusing more and more on the issue of atmospheric emissions. During the production process, the furniture units, treated with solvent-based varnishes, release toxic substances that can be dangerous for the environment. To solve this problem, the company began to gradually replace part of its existing solvent-based varnishing line with a new highly effective varnish characterized by very low levels of organic solvents. This ground-breaking varnish guarantees quality, protects the environment, and also improves the service to the customer by allowing the implementation of custom production on a per-order basis. Moreover, Snaidero’s matte lacquer production process uses water-based varnishes which have extremely low environmental impact, while delivering the same high-quality results in terms of functionality and aesthetics of the finished product. Shortly, two new lines of water-based colouring will also be introduced.

Furthermore, the wood panels for our kitchens use low formaldehyde emitting glues and resins in compliance with the LFE E1 international certification, whose maximum emission level of 0.14 is lower than the 0.18 standard of the California Air Resources Board. Our water-based paints and effective varnishes with low levels of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) guarantee extremely low environmental impact and health protection.