E01 Elegante Bespoke luxury kitchen

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ELEGANTE Bespoke | Kitchens For The Exceptional


The dark, rich grain of the Night Eucalyptus wood create an atmosphere that is at once contemporary and timeless.

The E01 | E02 ELEGANTE Bespoke luxury kitchen in Night Eucalyptus is designed for homes with a minimalist but highly architectonical feel; spaces where simple lines deliver a stunning backdrop for a carefully curated selection of materials and collector’s items. It’s the prestige of an ultra high-end modern finish made by Snaidero USA only for this kitchen collection and available exclusively in North America and Venezuela.

Create your exceptional E01 | E02 ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchen by choosing design elements from the System collection, excluding LUX, and pairing the exclusive Night Eucalyptus wood – in E02 Matte or E01 High Gloss - with our vast selection of finishes: stainless steel, tailor made and standard lacquers (matte and high gloss), high gloss metallic lacquers, mica-based lacquers, glass (matte and bright), ceramics, melamine, and high gloss laminate.


Luxury modern kitchens unmatched in style and versatility, for those who want to own that which only a few can have.
With exclusive and precious finishes and endless design combinations, the ELEGANTE Bespoke collection offers unprecedented personalization in high-end kitchen design. Marrying the impeccable quality of Italian craftsmanship with technological innovation, the ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchens elevate the entire home with their timeless allure and contemporary sophistication.